How mislead are our leaders

Sunday, September 03, 2006

How Mislead Are Our Leaders

Presidents, monarchs, Prime Ministers, teachers and others are governed in what they say by the religions they belong to. The most influential being Christianity and Islam.

It is frustrating to hear debates over things like stem cell research when they refer to religious dogma and profess their faith to the populace as though we must follow suit. Years of research and memory of my reincarnation have led me to the source of bible myths that promote a profit as a Son of God. Worse are the claims that this 'man' brought to earth God's teaching and then established a church through the nation that most oppos him. It is trickery and fraud to the nth degree.

Humans are clones of clones and originality is hard to find. Once an idea is popularised then people find it difficult to walk away from it, especially when faced with the threat of eternal damnation. Breaking the mould is the most difficult job in the world. I know because I am about doing just that.

The tricks used to silence people like me involves ridicule, name calling, and when all else fails abuse. So it comes from many sources because my knowledge threatens religion and those who depend on it for their livelihood and power. It is a tide of ignorance that floods every ouce of common sense and undermines the credibility of intelligence. What goes in from a young age is almost impossible to dismiss.

Today much of what goes into a child's mind is gathered from the make believe world of entertainment and religion sits amongst the best fiction ever created. It has mystery, drama, hope, lust, wealth, poverty, salvation, damnation, magic, ritual, and, of course, power. It also has a lock on the door of understanding because of the terminology it uses. Words like 'holy', 'sacred' and 'God's Word'. They merge together into a mighty chain that is hard but not impossible to break. Religion has power through the minds it controls and that chain is composed of nothing more than imagination.

When educated men sit in high seats of government and influence and promote their beliefs in a Virgin birth, or overturn scientific research because of something they read in the bible promoted as 'God's Word' or were told to them from the pulpit, then the little guys not privy to the corridors of research are struck dumb. As the world enters the final stages of destruction because of man's ignorance, greed and tricks, we are all of us in the same boat.

Can anyone help us? Only ourselves!

By going to the origin of language and religion and unravelling the codes that lead to this mess has been a lifelong work but it is now culminated in an e-book that establishes the origin of the Catholic Church and the dogma for which it is responsible. The book is available on my site